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20 Date Ideas for your Fall Bucket List

How often do you get to go on date night? Not often enough I'm sure, however when you do have the opportunity to go out make sure you have a load of ideas waiting for you. Here are 20 fun fall date ideas to have ready to go when you get that sitter. Take a cooking...

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Easy Authentic Carne Asada Recipe

One of my all time favorite foods is Authentic Carne Asada. I can never say no to an authentic carne asada recipe, whether it be made at home or at a restaurant. You can buy pre-seasoned versions of carne asada however it is usually more expensive may have additives...

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Healthy Weeknight Chicken Tacos

Everyone knows about Taco Tuesday, these chicken tacos are perfect for a weeknight meal. No matter how much I love tacos, if they are not super easy and fast I can't make them during the week. In our house Tuesdays are busy. We have school, work and after school we go...

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New York Style Pizza Dough

There's pizza and then there in New York style pizza. What makes the difference in pizza styles you ask? Typically its the dough that sets each style apart (sometimes the toppings make the difference...Chicago, I'm looking at you). Today I am sharing a perfect New...

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5 Tips for Incredible Skin All Winter Long

As dive deep into winter, our skin can take a severe beating. Dry skin is common, but can be especially common in the winter months. Humidity levels drop during the cold winter months which can cause dry, itchy, inflamed and dull skin. Along with dry winter weather,...

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Easy Homemade Sea Salt Scrub

Is your skin dry, itchy or flaky? A simple way to rid your skin of dryness is to exfoliate. You don't want to go overboard, you want to exfoliate just enough to help your skin well cell turnover. Try once or twice a week.  Here is a super simple homemade recipe for a...

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10 Easy Halloween Dinner Ideas

Halloween Food, what better way to enjoy the holiday than Halloween themed food! Halloween is such a fun holiday but usually falls on a weeknight which means not much time to do anything other than trick or treat. But! with a bit of planning, you can make a festive...

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40 Fall Bucket List Ideas for Urban Families

Ok, so I am little behind on this post. But I wanted to make sure I shared some Fall Bucket list ideas for all of you Urbanites. Living in a large city has many benefits, however sometimes enjoying nature and the change of the seasons can all but be forgotten. Here...

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Welcome to My Sweet Urban Life

Thank you for finding me here at My Sweet Urban Life. I am so excited to finally start this journey and to share it with you. It is my hope that this blog can serve as a go-to, get sane, get my life together community. Five years ago I became a mother for the first...

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Simply Chicken Nuggets

Have you ever been like...screw it! I am exhausted, here, have these chicken nuggets for dinner. Raise your hand if you haven't planned your day or week and have turned to frozen or fast food chicken nuggets for your family. Look on the back of that package, how many...

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